Flood Protection

Following the 2012 floods at Stratford upon Avon we were approached by a homeowner to see if we could provide a solution to prevent their home from flooding .

Working closely with the client we feel we arrived a design which would offer their home the best chance to prevent water ingression in the future.

We looked at many different options and met with many experts to see what solutions were available to us. The issue facing our client was that no one will guarantee a flood barrier 100% , as recent flooding at across England and Wales will testify that all flood prevention schemes have a breaking point.

With this in mind the solution we kept revisiting was based on the demonstrable evidence that well build Victorian manholes never encounter water ingression, despite in many instances being within high water tables. It was therefore decided that we would pursue this option.

Excavating around the complete perimeter of the house we utilised the existing concrete strip foundations for the brickwork , the existing property then had a damp proof material applied at low level and then wrapped in a 215mm solid Class A engineering brick with openings at widows and doors. As an addition to flood proofing the property we also built an upstand around the septic tank which has also proven to be successful.

Once complete the perimeter openings were formed the floor gates were supplied and installed by www.floodtech.co.uk

This home has been tested on five occasions since it last flooded in 2012 /13 and has held firm to date.