NOTCUTTS GARDEN CENTRE, Booker, Marlow Buckinghamshire

We were appointed by main contractor, Interior fit out experts Esprit UK Ltd as building contractor to carry out the external redevelopment of the Notcutts Garden Centre at Marlow , Buckinghamshire. The scope of works involved reclaiming an area of some 1200m2 of long since redundant area of the centre which had become used for storage. The scope of the works was to adjust the levels so to make the area accessible to all customers. This involved the construction of a retaining wall with concrete road way accessible for fork trucks.

The client was very keen to avoid the use of traditional building materials for the retaining wall construction which led the design team to use of Oak Railway sleepers so to keep the look of the works within keeping with the surrounding area, as with all Notcutts schemes these works were carried within a fully functioning garden centre with minimum disruption.

RIVER COTTAGE , Tiddington Road, Stratford Upon Avon

Flood Defenses Stratford Upon Avon

Following the successful flood defences carried out with a neighbour we were approached to find a similar solution for River Cottage which also suffered flooding in 2012/13.

The principle was similar, although in this instance the client wanted the works to be sympathetic to the design of the property with is Victorian frontage and contemporary rear elevation.

The principle of the wall is a reinforced concrete foundation with a toe to prevent the wall from turning, this foundation had reinforced fabric rods which were cast in to the central line of the wall. The wall was then built with a 10kn concrete block wall rendered both sides to the contemporary elevation ,with an engineering brick and reclaimed brick wall to the Victorian elevation, we then infilled the 125mm reinforced concrete cavity with a waterproof concrete with two number waterproof Sika construction joints.

Once complete the perimeter openings were formed the flood gates were supplied and installed by

This home fortunately has yet to have its flood defences tested due to its slightly elevation level.

ORCHARD HOUSE – Stratford up on Avon

Flood Protection

Following the 2012 floods at Stratford upon Avon we were approached by a homeowner to see if we could provide a solution to prevent their home from flooding .

Working closely with the client we feel we arrived a design which would offer their home the best chance to prevent water ingression in the future.

We looked at many different options and met with many experts to see what solutions were available to us. The issue facing our client was that no one will guarantee a flood barrier 100% , as recent flooding at across England and Wales will testify that all flood prevention schemes have a breaking point.

With this in mind the solution we kept revisiting was based on the demonstrable evidence that well build Victorian manholes never encounter water ingression, despite in many instances being within high water tables. It was therefore decided that we would pursue this option.

Excavating around the complete perimeter of the house we utilised the existing concrete strip foundations for the brickwork , the existing property then had a damp proof material applied at low level and then wrapped in a 215mm solid Class A engineering brick with openings at widows and doors. As an addition to flood proofing the property we also built an upstand around the septic tank which has also proven to be successful.

Once complete the perimeter openings were formed the floor gates were supplied and installed by

This home has been tested on five occasions since it last flooded in 2012 /13 and has held firm to date.

NOTCUTTS GARDEN CENTRE: Building and Drainage Alterations – Stockport

Building Work Stockport

We were appointed by main contractor, Interior fit out experts Esprit UK Ltd as building contractor to carry out the building and drainage alterations for the external redevelopment of the Notcutts Garden Centre in Stockport. The scope of works involved carrying out the foundation and drainage works to a 2000m2 aluminium roll air canopy structure with retractable roof to include all associated drainage alterations. As an addition to the foundation and drainage works we were also contracted to carry out 4500m2 of block paving and 1000m2 of grasscrete paving works. All completed on time and within budget.”


Paving Work

We were appointed by main contractor, Interior fit out experts Esprit UK Ltd as building contractor to carry out the building and drainage alterations for the internal redevelopment to extend the restaurant and to build a new kitchen with associated drainage alterations. Once complete our scope of work increased to include additional drainage and paving works to an external redevelopment of the Garden center.

As a recent addition to the Notcutts chain this store periodically experienced flooding due to an aged and overloaded drainage system. The scope of our works was to lift 4000m2 of both internal and external floor finishes and replace with block paving throughout the store to include renewing all surface water drainage. The works were completed over nine phases to ensure the smooth running of the fully functioning Garden center.

The scope of works was increased to cover the creation of an overflow car park to cater for the anticipated increase in footfall through the center.

WILLIAM DAVIES LTD: Factory Façade Retention Project – Leicester

Façade Retention Project

William Davies Ltd, were awarded the contract to convert the former Wolsey Mill Knitwear factory in Leicester to living accommodation. The corner façade of the building required retaining due the Grade 2 listed mosaic which depicts the image of Cardinal Wolsey. These works were carried out under a road closure due to the complex nature of lifting the RMD propping in to place.

BARRETT HOMES LTD: Listed Building Façade Retention Works – Worcester

Listed Building Facade Preservation

Barrett Homes midlands acquired the historic Cinderella shoe works building in Worcestershire for redevelopment. Due to the grade 2 listed status of the building the façade to the old factory building was to be retained. The works were completed on time and within budget adhering to BS5975 temporary works processes.

DANA AXLE EUROPE LTD: Forklift Access Ramp Works & Airlock – Birmingham

Factory Refurbishment

Following on from the decommissioning of the furnaces and related machinery, we were tasked with refurbishing the factory to house a relocated Research and Development cell.

This involved the infilling of machine bases and the reinstatement and refurbishment of the concrete factory floors. Once complete a new roof followed to include decoration and a resin floor coating to the floor area ready for its new use as a Research and Development Hub for the Dana Group.